How to have your own sessions

I cannot tell you how sad I am that I cant be there to document my clients lovely babes/families right now! But! I would love to give some tips on how to document your own memories with your families right now!


  1. Always make sure babe is fed before starting! This way, they are relaxed or hopefully asleep!
  2. Declutter the area you are wanting to do the photos!
  3. Use simple/plain onesies outfits! Nothing with too much of a pattern!
  4. Open up blinds but dont use lights! I feel like this always creates a harsh lighting situation and I'm ALLLLL about that natural light!
  5. Dont forget about those little hands, feet...all those little details that will be changing so quickly!

What about just day to day documenting?

Im so happy you want to document your day to day! This is so exciting!! I am more than happy to help you navigate your way through documenting your life! This is so open to anything! Bath time, muddy backyards, decks, 'contact - less' delivery, ANYTHING! If you have a camera, I am more than happy to show you how to use it to be able to capture things! Just shoot me a message and we can work on it!

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