New website, who this

Ahhh. Yes, I know ive done this before. BUT these past few months have gotten me to readjust our lives— take a look at what really matters. When everything just HALTS, I mean, thats all you really can do , am I right?

So, I took the time to really get a grasp on my truly real editing style. I took the time to learn. And to work on this website! What are your thoughts??!

On another note, I am SO excited to be able to get back to doing sessions again! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! And I cant wait to see all of your faces!!

If you are wanting a session, now is the time to message me! I am making up all of my previously rescheduled sessions now and will be working on the fall schedule this coming week!

Lets chat!


Oh ya, also got a new logo…what you think??

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